f(x) updates


please rsvp to my prayer circle starting immediately

activities include looking worried and quitely muttering to ourselves “it won’t be like wonder girls it won’t be like wonder girls it won’t be like wonder girls”


Kwon BoA — Who’s Back CD+DVD album cover

My problem didn't start until Red Velvet fans started saying "Bye f(x)" I was so freaking neutral and ignored everything but now I'm pissed

LMAO :( don’t hate the girls though… i mean red velvet has been getting a lot of shit from fans of other groups (specifically the fans of SM’s other girl groups (f(x) and snsd)) so they’re probably returning the “favor.” it’ll be ok :)) don’t forget to buy red light on itunes :)

f(x)’s birth names according to Google Voice Search (insp.)

Krystal through the Eras.

endless favourite MVs » f(x) - nu abo

leaves fall like hopes do